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Our Services

90 day Program

Our standard offering. A period of residential care in our Nyali premises during which our dedicated team will guide clients to sobriety and a life of purposeful action

Teenagers with Addiction

For a parent, few things are worse than watching their teenager slide into substance abuse or harmful behavioural disorders or addictions. It is quite normal to want to get your teen into rehab as quickly as possible.


The initial period following intensive treatment is the most crucial point in our client’s recovery and offers the greatest potential for relapse. We remain committed to helping our clients beyond this challenging period for as long as they require.


Detoxification is a first step in treating substance addiction. We create a healthy environment for detox and withdrawal as part of an inpatient rehabilitation program.

Family Assistance

We are dedicated to working with families struggling with a family member with addiction. We have policies, practices and a residential rehab programme in place that both encourages family involvement in their loved-one’s recovery and provides support and counselling to families who are struggling to cope themselves.

Outside / Home Interventions

A crisis point can be reached at any time and in any place. Timely intervention can make a difference and be the starting point for recovery.

Our experience team is on hand to support an intervention 24/7.

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