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Attain Serenity, Peace and Freedom

On completion of treatment, clients should obtain sobriety, be responsible and be empowered to a new beginning. It is only then that they will be prepared for a life of purposeful action.

NHIF Accredited

With effect from August 2022 RiMa Serene is pleased to be able to announce that we are NHIF accredited and can therefore accept clients with NHIF cover. Please call us to access our

90-Day Program

Location - Nyali, Mombasa

Based in a Detached Villa with spacious surrounding gardens in Nyali to offer a tranquil and calming environment where clients can focus on their recovery

A New Beginning

Now is the time, this is the place

Attain serenity, peace and freedom

Your new start with goals and a purpose in life

Pursue your new life with our dedicated team to guide you

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