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About Us

RiMa Serene Medical Centre is a residential and outpatient rehabilitation center intended to provide detoxification and counselling services for persons suffering from habitual substance abuse and addiction or Substance use Disorders (SUD) and/or other mental health conditions.

We currently have a capacity of 30 residents / clients.

We are accredited by NHIF and NACADA

and are licensed by The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board.

Core Values

• Professionalism.

• Excellence.

• Compassion.

• Integrity.

• Teamwork.

• Unity of Purpose.

• Respect and dignity for



RiMa Serene Medical Centre vision means working towards being recognized for empowering and motivating those we serve to achieve the best outcomes whilst maximizing recovery. We make sure our centre provides recovering addicts ongoing support and assistance through aftercare program.

We aim to be the employer of choice, providing a highly rewarding environment for our employees thus attracting and retaining the most competent and productive workforce.

Our belief is that this reduces the occurrence of relapse which is such a prevalent part of this illness. We foster an environment that encourages learning and embraces diversity in order to support the professional growth and development of our staff members.

The Services that we Provide

  • Detoxification.
  • In & Out-Patient Treatment.
  • Open for AA/NA Meetings.
  • Out-patient Intensive Treatment.
  • Family Support Program.
  • Music Enrichment Programs.
  • 90 Days Aftercare Program.
  • Psycho-Education
  • Spiritual Recovery.
  • Individual Therapy.
  • Group Counselling.
  • Addiction Treatment.
  • and Mental Health

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